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JSTOR Tests Free, Read-Only Access to Some Articles

It’s about to get a little easier—emphasis on “a little”—for users without subscriptions to tap JSTOR’s enormous digital archive of journal articles. In the coming weeks, JSTOR will make available the beta version of a new program, Register & Read, which will give researchers read-only access to some journal articles, no payment required. All users have to do is to sign up for a free “MyJSTOR” account, which will create a virtual shelf on which to store the desired articles.

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This is a nice review of Google+ Hangouts for collaborating from ProfHacker.  I’ve been teaching a workshop on Google Apps and recently added Google Hangout to the mix.  It is fun and has a lot of functionality for a FREE video chat software.  Screen sharing and collaborating with Google Docs gives Hangouts major bonus points. 

I have a thing for presidential libraries (and presidential history, generally and definitely for first ladies).  This was an interesting article about who should control them - the National Archives or private orgs that provide funding. 


Interesting video on preserving Jefferson’s papers at the Library of Virginia.

5 reasons your business (and library) should have a blog from the Social Media Examiner.  I really liked this article for highlighting the fact that getting people to view your website is not necessarily the ONLY reason out there for using a blog.  


Jane Austen?

Jane Austen scholar Dr Paula Byrne claims to have discovered a lost portrait of the author which, far from depicting a grumpy spinster, shows a writer at the height of her powers and a woman comfortable in her own skin.

Two papers and one take home final to finish and then that MLIS is mine! 


Really cool inforgraphic - The Anatomy of a Librarian

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